5th IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics


Last updated July 23rd, 2014


We thank our international sponsors:


American Association of Physics Teachers (www.aapt.org) 

American Physical Society (http://www.aps.org)

Argonne National Laboratory (www.anl.gov)

Asia Pacific Centre for Theoretical Physics (https://www.apctp.org)

Brookhaven National Laboratory (http://www.bnl.gov/world)

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (www.iupap.org)

International Centre for Theoretical Physics (www.ictp.it)

International Council for Science (http://www.icsu.org)

Japan Society of Applied Physics (http://www.jsap.or.jp)

Korean Physical Society (http://www.kps.or.kr)

National Science Council, Taiwan (www.nsc.gov.tw)

Northeastern University Department of Physics (http://www.northeastern.edu/physics/)

Physics Department, Northeastern University (www.northeastern.edu/physics)

Physical Society of Japan (www.soc.nii.ac.jp

Physical Soc. of Rep. of China-Taipei (http://www.cospa.ntu.edu.tw/aappsbulletin/index.htm)

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (lte@slac.stanford.edu)

The National Academies (http://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/biso/IUPAP/PGA_072853.htm)

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (ww.jlab.org)

United States National Science Foundation (www.nsf.gov)

US Liaison Committee for IUPAP (http://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/biso/IUPAP/)

Yale University (http://physics.yale.edu/)


Individual sponsors

Beth Cunningham 

Judy Franz

Beverly Hartline

Stefan Zollner